2018 - 2019 POLAR SERIES

The weather for the Polar 5 was windy on Saturday and beautiful on Sunday. There were 42 Main Event shooters, with 33 shooting on Saturday. There were 24 FLUFF 50 shooters and 10 that shot the NOT FLUFF (7 shot both). The main event was won with a 99 by Dave Larkin beating Earle Glidden by 1 target (98). Dave also won the FLUFF (49) and NOT FLUFF (49). Henry Trial set the front 6 stations and Dick Bradbury set the back 6 stations.

Earle Glidden won the Polar Series, with an average score of 95.4 for the five shoots. He won the first four shoots and had a standing of 1.20 points. Dave Larkin was runner up in the series, shooting four shoots with an average score of 93.75. He won one shoot and was runner up in two others for a standing of 2.25 points. A total of 82 shooters participated in the series, with 47 qualifying for a hat. There were 64 shooters in the drawing with a total of 226 chances. One shooter had 10 chances, most had less than 4 chances. Drawing winners were:

Del Dinsmore $400.00 (7 chances)

Robin Raffile $200.00 (3 chances)

Mick Polakowski $100.00 (1 chance)

Kim Noyes $100.00 (4 chances)


In previous years the Hermon Skeet Club received funds in memory of Burrill Bridge, and Marty Millett both life members of the Cub. At the 2016 Business Meeting, members supported contributing to youth scholarships for both 4-H Camp and Camp North Woods (previously called Conservation Camp) in both these mens' names. As Board members and others reflected on this decision, there was consensus that using the funds donated in their memories to foster passion for the shooting sports, outdoor recreation, and land conservation in Maine youth was a fitting memorial. At the 2019 Annual Membership Meeting it was decided that the club continue these contributions. Both groups have been informed that this year’s donation to support youth at their camp with a brief explanation of who thee men were.


Hermon Skeet Club received a second Range Improvement Grant Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. The proposal was designed to increase use in a portion of the Woods Sporting Clays Course that was improved as part of the 2014 Range Improvement Grant. Thanks to that second grant and the generous contributions of cash from 24 people who donated a total of $3,345.00 (ranged from $33 to $500) and labor and materials, we were able to complete the following:

1) Purchase four new sporting clays machines.

2) Install three of these in manufactured trap houses on precast concrete slabs donated by Earl Glidden (Life Member).

3) Install two older machines in manufactured trap houses, one on the second conex box and the other on the first level of the tower.

4) Extend electricity to both conex boxes thanks to a very generous contribution of labor and materials by Wayne LeBreton (Life Member).

The following Members contributed labor, materials, and/or equipment time to help complete the project: Henry and Joan Trial, Dick Bradbury, Kurt Soneson, Dave Porter, Jack Frost, and Greg Leavitt. In addition, the very successful New Equipment Shoot held in April allowed the purchase of seven used Promatic Eagle traps from Scarborough Fish and Game.

Five-stand was shot in the area improved because of the grant on May 21 & 22, and the traps on the conex box and tower were used as part of presentations in the May 14 Sporting Clays shoot. We expect to shoot either five-stand or 50 bird practice sporting clays in the area at least once every two weeks.

LINK to Photos of the area


The final shoot of a very successful Hermon Skeet Club “Polar 16” series was held April 9th. Forty shooters participated in Polar 16 #6. Targets were on the stiff side to help break a virtual 3 way tie between Jim Boothby III, Earle Glidden, and Dave Larkin for overall series champion. Dave prevailed as champion with a 1 target win, 94 to 93, over Earle. Dave’s winning margin was 0.08 points and Dave’s average was 92.75. The trio all had great years ending the series with point standings of 2.00 or less and averages over 90. Scores in the 90s are rare at Hermon.

The drawing for series cash prizes produced 4 lucky winners. Bob Raffile won the $400 top prize. Boo Endre won the 2nd prize of $200, and Greg Leavitt and John Everett won $100 each. As usual the last series shoot was “hat day” for the 38 qualifying shooter – Joan picked the colors.


Over the years HSC has been fortunate to provide first rate facilities for skeet, trap and sporting clays shooters. This has been the result of a great deal of hard day-day physical work by a core of active members, the financial support of shooting events by many regular participants, and the income generated from the annual and lifetime memberships.

During the last 5-10 years we have all seen the interest in and popularity of shotgun shooting sports shift toward sporting clays and its various derivatives. HSC has stayed abreast of this change by providing multiple 5-stand setups and developing a year round multi-station course that extends into our property (a "sporting clays in the woods" layout) on which we have hosted numerous NSCA events. This capability has been enhanced by acquiring the best equipment available. Our ability to acquire and maintain the best equipment on all of our facilities is directly a result of our fiscal responsibility and the financial stability and continued growth of the club.

Representative of our growth is a recently awarded a grant from Maine IF&W for a "Shooting Range Access Improvement Program”. Thus excerpt from the proposal (available at the Club) provides an overview.

" The following actions are planned to occur during the Agreement Period of November 10, 2015 through November 30, 2016.

I. Purchase 4 sporting clays machines and place them in permanent manufactured trap houses set on concrete slabs on the existing Sporting Clays Course. Requires tree removal; site prep; placement of gravel.

II. Build a new permanent elevated trap house on an existing metal storage container and install an existing sporting clays machine."

The area being developed will be used for sporting clays competitions, an alternative 5-stand setup, and new shooter training. Pictures of the new equipment and the course layout are included as an attachment to this letter.

While IF&W is providing a substantial majority of the funding, HSC is responsible for match of approximately $5000 ($1500 in-kind and $3500 cash). The in-kind match will be labor, supplies, and equipment donated by club members.

While the club had the ability to borrow the $3500 cash match it is in everyone’s best interest that we minimize the club’s financial exposure with additional debt. Therefore we are asking for donations to a fund designated specifically to fulfill this cash match requirement and avoid any short term debt obligation. We are hoping to raise the $3,500 cash match through donations from our club members within the next 3 months.

Please consider sending a donation in support of the Hermon Skeet Club and stop by to observe the progress of the project and maybe shoot a couple of rounds of your favorite sport.

All donations should be sent to: (Hermon Skeet Club PO Box 6227 Hermon ME 04402 Attn: Carl Freeman). Your support will be acknowledged in a personal note and in a special report at the next annual meeting.


The 2015 Hermon Skeet Club “Wing Shooters Challenge” sporting clays shoot (Sept. 12th and 13th) was an outstanding success. Predictions of showers were incorrect and the weather was excellent for both days. Fifty shooters shot on Saturday and 32 on Sunday. Twenty-one shooters participated on both days. A total of 11,100 targets were thrown during the 8 events, a 100 target main event and 7, 50 target sides.

Notable performances included Dave Larkin’s impressive wins in the Main (96) and the Tuff 50 (47). Straights are not common in sporting clays even in 50 target events but there were 3 (50s) in the popular “Fluff” event. Bub Copp, Earle Glidden, and Thom Willard will receive a special prize for their flawless rounds. Sub gauge events were won by Carl Freeman (47 in the 20), Earle Glidden (49 in the 28), and Jim Boothby III over Thom Willard (by tie breaker, 40 in the 410).

Kim Noyes had a great weekend. Kim won C class in the Main (81), the Fluff event (42), the Tuff event (40), and lost in a tie breaker in the 20ga. Her 40 in the Tuff event was 3rd overall with 20 shooters in an extremely “Tuff” event. Probably more important to Kim was that the 4 punches she won moved her up to B class. She only needed 2. Great shooting Kim.